Best hire cars for a wedding

We've attended bundles of weddings over the years and the number of wedding cars we've seen is endless. Choosing the right wedding car for you will ultimately come down to a number of key factors, these include: 

  1. what is your personal style and theme of your wedding? 
  2. what's your budget?  
  3. how long is your journey to the wedding?  
  4. how many passengers do you have?  
  5. is there parking at the ceremony spot? 

Once you have successfully answered these questions you'll narrow your search down pretty quickly. Some of our favourites include, VW Combi vans, Ferrari's, a tractor (yes a tractor!) and most recently we came across a Tesla (the new electric supercar). 

Picking a car for the day is fun so make sure you get something that suits your style, is comfy and you can get a good photo with!  

Much love

Joni xox


Joni Williams