How to set up a wedding

Preparing everything for a wedding is a stressful job. Depending on the venue, this is sometimes something that has to get done on the day. And on the day of your wedding who wants to be setting up tables and stressing about decorations?! You're meant to be enjoying yourself. 

So here are Chasing Arrows top tips to setting up a wedding:

- keep it simple. The best decor is the simplest. The less you have to worry about it the better. Guests are there for you, so try to keep your styling simple and modest. 

- ask for help. A common thing we here is brides needing to do everything themselves. This is not true. Ask for help from friends and family. You'll be surprised how willing and excited they are to help out and get involved.  

- work with the venue. Their staff will have done this day in day out and their staff should be able to help with a lot of set up. Again, just ask :) 

- understand your bump in and out times. Most venues are pretty good with this but bumping in the day before can make the day so much better. Also try to bump out the day after - who wants to be cleaning at the end of the reception? 

- hire some help. this is where we come in. Chasing Arrows can give you a style to do yourself. We can set up, pack down. You can hire from us or we can create things just for you. We are flexible to each clients needs and budget so let us help :) 

For more info and to see our styling work in action visit our wedding styling portfolio. 

You can also see where our work has been featured in the likes of Hello May, White Magazine and many more

Much love

Joni xox

Joni Williams