Photography for those who don't like getting their picture taken

For some, the idea of getting your photo taken, particularly at an event like a wedding, where all the focus is in you is a daunting thing. However, more often than not, overlooking this leads to regret that you can't relive the day through a bunch of personal photos that only you and your close ones might see. 

Our recommendation to those who don't like the idea of their picture being taken is to get a engagement shoot done with your wedding photographer.  

"What?! I don't like getting my photo taken so I should do it twice?!!" 

Yes. Exactly that.  

Having an engagement shoot done with your wedding photographer will allow you to get to know them, feel more comfortable and relaxed with them and give you a taste of how they shoot. 

You'll also get to practice relaxing in front of the camera, realising it's not scary or daunting and just have some fun. You'll quickly find out that you look best when you are enjoying yourself and laughing. 

Finally you'll see what all the fuss about having photos taken is about. Even though the enagagement shoot is just a day at a park or somewhere else meaningful, when you see the pictures you'll have fond memories of the day, see the magic that a good photographer captures and realise that you don't look terrible in photos, you actually look pretty good!  

So there you have it. For those that don't like the idea of getting their photos taken at your wedding, go get an engagement shoot. What have you got to lose?  

Joni Williams