How to plan a wedding

Planning a wedding is a daunting thing. The cost, the time, organising and planning. It can be endless. Here are some key principles around planning your wedding day should be consistent though. Here are our top tips I how to plan a wedding.

1. Figure out your budget before your date. You should create a realistic goal of what you can save and how much support you're going to get from family members upfront. Taking in your current lifestyle costs work out how much you can save each month and that will give you a general time frame of your date. 

2. Create a Google sheets spreadsheet of all your estimated costs by key vendors. This way you can access it anywhere you are, download the app so it's always with you, this will be your bible. Then start hunting for your key suppliers. Venue, food and beverage, photographer and decorations. Don't forget your honeymoon costs as well. You'll need a break after all this hard work.  

3. Start your research. Ask friends for recommendations, go and meet suppliers, ask venues for recommendations and talk to other brides. Finding a connect and feeling comfortable with your suppliers is so important as they'll each form a key part I your day.  

4. Never forget the end goal. Happily ever after. Weddings can be as stressful as you make them. Tackle one thing at a time and remember you partner is on your side. Allocate jobs to split the workload, get your bridal party on the case, you shouldn't be doing this on your own. 

5. Think about logistics. That dream wedding in Byron Bay by someone from Sydney or vice versa may be tricker than you think. Having access to your venue, local suppliers and getting everything there on the day can be much harder than it seems. Try not to over complicate things, especially your location. 

6. Figure out what to outsource and what you can do by yourself. A wedding stylist can take away a lot of the hard work of making your decorations by hand which can be super time consuming. Get the balance of DIY and delegating jobs right. 

7. Don't skimp on the important things. After its all done and dusted you'll have the memories and photos to look back on. Finding a great photographer to capture your whole day and tell your story is an investment not a cost. Pay for the extra couple of hours and save on other costs, you won't regret it.  

8. Take up yoga. Staying relaxing and healthy are so important to planning a great wedding so get your zen on and de-stress yourself. 

9. Choose your music wisely. Music can make or break a wedding atmosphere. Create a spotify playlist throughout the planning process and pass this to your DJ as a guide to what you want to hear. Getting your boogie on is a must for any good wedding. 

10. Stop and enjoy the day when it comes. After all this time planning your wedding you need to stop every now and again to take it all in, it'll be over in a flash. 

Chasing Arrows can help you plan, style and photograph your dream wedding on a realistic budget. We know how tough it can be so let us take some of the weight off your shoulders and let you enjoy things a bit more.  

Best of luck,  

Joni x