How do I choose a Sydney wedding photographer?

Trying to find a Sydney Wedding Photographer can be hard in the sea of wedding photographers out there. So what should you be asking and looking for? Here are a few of the things we get asked by our clients. 

1. Always ask for a meeting
A Wedding Photographer should always have time to meet you before you book them. Understanding who they are, their personality and how well you get along with them is as important as the photos they take. There should be a connection with them to make you feel at ease on your wedding day

2. Ask for an engagement shoot
Having an hour or two on an engagement shoot with your Wedding Photographer can be a great way to get to know them, how to pose for photos and how to take direction when it's needed. Most good Sydney Wedding Photographers will do this for free if you have booked them for your Wedding

3. Ask your wedding venue for wedding photographers who have been there before
The benefit of a wedding photographer who has already shot at your venue is they know the location and all the best spots for when you go off and get your portraits taken. 

Best of luck finding your perfect Sydney Wedding Photographer.